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December 31, 2012


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Ok so you were going to ( BFF's name ) house and you were happy because you guys were going to play ape escape because your friend just got a PS1 and they got the game. When you got there you did't even have to knock on the door because your BFF
( BFF's name ) was waiting for you at the window. ( Your name! ) your friend said almost scaring you to death because she jumped up right at you. So are you ready to play ape escape! She said. You said of course I am and ran in to her living room and your friend running after you! ( 3 hours latter ) you were at the final boss and your friend wanted to do it. So you said why don't we flip a coin? ( BFF's name )- Fine ( your name )  but I'm heads your tails! ( Your name )- That's fine! Your friend found a coin and flipped it when it landed on... Tails! ( Your name )- Ha in your face I get to defeat specter! ( BFF's name )- Darn! Fine you win fare in square! You ran into the living room and your friend wanted to cook popcorn to watch you fail ( time skip from specter ) It took you about 5 times to defeat him but you managed to do it! You were so happy! But then you heard a knock at the door. You both walked to the door and there was a guy he was kinda short and had spiky hair that had purple streaks at the tips. He also had a red cape, black pants /boots and had a helmet that when around and the middle of his head. You both looked at each other and you were speechless. ( oh and if you don't allready know its specter ) Specter- which one of you are ( your name ) you said I am softly. He grinned at you and pulled on your arm dragging you you pulled your hand back and said what do you want specter with a worried voice! He went up to your ear and said revenge! (BFF's name)- why ( your name?) Specter-Because! She just defeated me and I'm MAD! You can't stop me! So then he called out some of his pipo monkeys and they had rope. They tied you and ( BFF's name ) and they brought you to specters bace. Specter brought you into a room and sat you down while his pipo monkeys were taking your friend somewhere else. Specter locked the door and untied you. Specter- so what should I do to show you I'm not goofing off like your friend did on the way here.
You were so scared you didn't know what to do but you ran to the door and tried to open it but specter started laughing like crazy. Specter- you really think you can get away from me hahahaha. ( your name )- let me go I need to get home or my parents will get worried! Specter- oh yeah your stupid humans are always worried. I bet there to stupid to think a monkey took there daughter! ( your name )- take that back! You ran up to him and pined him to the wall and you were holding him by his neck. Specter- put me down you stupid human! ( your name )- why should I you stupid monkey! Specter- I think your cute... ( side note: If your a specter fan girl you should like this) (your name)- I don't believe you you hate all humans! Specter- Your ( eye color ) eyes are beutiful and your ( hair color ) hair is the perfect length!  Pleas don't kill me! ( your name )- you really think so? You put specter down and he nodded at you. He wasn't lieing because you have seen the anime, and played lots of the ape escape games and knowing him he wouldn't say that to any girl who was  trying to hurt him. He walked up to you and kissed you and yes on the lips. You were nerves at first but you calmed down and you were kinda existed and happy. But then ( BFF's name ) ramed down the door and saw you two kissing you both stopped and looked at her and you your face went red you were really embarrassed. She saw you two and started laughing like crazy! (BFF's name)- I knew you were in love with specter! That's why you have lots of pics  of him in your room hahahaha! You then ran over and punched her in the face! ( I will make  a part 2 soon!)
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roxesnumber1fan Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
Is there a part 2?
ApeEscapeFanGirl Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it's okay but I could use a LOT of work....I got confused and annoyed with how it was written....If you were going to jump from what each person said like that you might as well done it in script format it would have been better....and also you could have had more story and more build up to make it better....I am writing an Ape Escape fanfiction...taking my time with it....and waiting to put it up untel I have at least 10 chapters done.....this has to be a short story...but still you could have worked on it a bit more....It's a nice idea but your missing a LOT of details you could have added to make it more interesting.....hope you can write another one...just remember more details....and it's good to take your time
FilypaWishes Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
hahahaha awesomness!!! Since small that I was in love with Specter! :)) Is good to know that I'm not the unique!
ChiisanaENVY Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome~ >w<
Japangirl20922 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! Oh and after I finish specter I might be doing a spike x reader!
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